Oswego Brewing Co.: Week 2

Week Two of construction is complete and we have a bunch of stuff to report on.

First, have you noticed that we are taking the first nine pictures within the same space, same angle?  This is because we have framed out specific spots knowing what is going to be there in the future.

Image One is the industrial side of the brewery; the brite tanks, the fermenters, mill, etc.

Image Two is the meeting room.  ...sans walls at the moment...

Image Three will be the walk-in cooler.

Image Four will be the Women's restroom.

Image Five will be the Men's restroom.

Image Six will be the office.

Image Seven will be the Bar and a view of the Brew House from the South.

Image Eight will be the corner of the bar and a view of part of the Tap Room.

Image Nine will be the view you see when entering the Tap Room.

As the build-out continues, we will take these same shots, in the same places, so you can see over time how things are progressing.

This week, Image Ten shows you something we consider very important; Our Parking Lot.  When we say "Our Parking Lot", we do not mean "a space we have to share with a dozen other businesses downtown", we mean "a parking lot dedicated to Oswego Brewing Co.'s customers!"  Part of our lease gives us full control over the 20+ spaces.  Having full control over this lot has a lot of advantages, especially for our customers.

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See you back here next week!

Peter Rzeminski