Oswego Brewing Co.: Week Eight

Hello Everybody!

First, we are happy to announce some Big News; The Village of Oswego has approved our Class N Liquor License!  At the Board meeting, the only question that was asked of us was "When do we open?"  They liked the "in April" response; we hope you do too!

In this weeks update, we have a few new things to show you.  Our restroom sinks are in, the drywall in all the rooms are complete, HVAC is about 50% done, nearly all the fire suppression sprinklers are in place, and the walls are prepped for painting.

Our next steps are to apply for the Illinois State Retail, Manufacturer, and Brewers Class I license (all in that order).  

Things are really moving quickly now, so as major events happen, we will keep you updated.

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See you back here next week!

- Oswego Brewing Co.

Peter Rzeminski