Oswego Brewing Co.: Week Seven

Hi!  Welcome back!  It has been awhile since our last post, but worth the wait! This is our Week Seven Post! 

Wait, what happened to week's Five & Six?  ...and isn't is kinda at the end of week seven so in reality this is almost week eight?  Yeah, well, between the holidays and watching the walls go up, we kinda lost track of time.  Sorry 'bout that!  From here forward, we promise to post weekly until we open our doors in April!

We have two photo galleries to show you.  The first is everything before the drywall went up, and the other is after the drywall went up!

Our General Contractor, Under One Roof, has done a fantastic job so far, so let us show you what they have done!


Next, here is what the place looks like after the drywall has gone up.

Images 1, 2, & 3 are the door being cut between the two main sections of the building.
Image four is the holes that were cut for the HVAC to get between the industrial bay and the tap room.
Image five is the meeting room
Images 6, 7, 8, & 9 is the women's restroom; now with tile!
Images 10 & 11 is the men's restroom
Image 12, well, the space behind that wall, is our office
Image 13 is the hallway leading to the meeting room & restrooms
Image 14 is the water pump that will be used to supply the fire sprinklers for the space; safety first!