Oswego Brewing Co.: Week Thirteen

OK, so we took another break with our updates, but we had good reason for it; there wasn't a lot to tell you.  Construction work had slowed down while we worked on a few back-of-house things.  We have completed those back-of-house things are we now have two major things to tell you about!

The Brewing Equipment Is On Its Way!

At long-last, our brewing equipment is on its way!  As of right now, the trucks are being loaded and on Friday, March 2, they will arrive at the brewery!  We would like to apologize in advance to anybody near Main & Jackson next Friday as we will have to shut down parts of the street to get everything unloaded.  We promise, it will be worth it in the end!

Head Brewer

With that shiny new equipment equipment on its way, we will need somebody to make use of it.  While Chris & Pete are homebrewers and have made some great beer, an operation of this scale requires a professional; somebody trained in the art of making beer, who has won awards for their skills, and has the ability to put Oswego Brewing Co. on the map!

With that said, we are proud to announce that Marc Wilson, formerly of Nevin's Brewing / Midnight Pig, will be joining Oswego Brewing Co. as its Head Brewer!

Here are a few things to know about Marc's background:

  • He is a graduate of the Siebel Institute of Technology;
  • He is a former Chemistry Teacher and current Adjunct with the College of DuPage, teaching a course in the Business of Craft Beer series;
  • In 2011 he started as a brewer at Rock Bottom Brewery in Warrenville, IL;
  • In 2012 he became the Head Brewer of Nevin’s Brewing Company in Plainfield, IL;
  • in 2015 he won Gold & Best in Show at the Midwest Brew Fest for his Belgian Strong Dark;
  • In 2016 he took Bronze at the Great American Beer Festival for his Doppelbock;
  • Also in 2016, he was awarded Gold Medals for his Dobblebock & Amber Lager, and Silver for his Märzen/Octoberfest from the Beverage Tasting Institute;
  • On Monday, March 19, 2018, Marc will be joining Oswego Brewing Co. as its Head Brewer.

We are very proud and excited to have Marc join us and look forward to letting him showcase his talents for you!  We have already sampled a couple of his new recipes (A Cream Ale & a NEIPA) and they both came out fantastic; we know you will love them!

What's Next?

From this point forward, things will be moving at light-speed!  Installing the brewery equipment, building the bar, building the tap room tables, installing the cooler, finishing the rest of the floors, scheduling food trucks, and a thousand other tasks large & small.  ...and of course, making awesome beer!

Don't quote us quite yet, but opening in late April / Early May is what we are aiming for and the second we know the exact date, we will let you all know.

As always, don't forget to sign up for our mailing list (we promise, no spam), and if you have a question or comment drop us an email at info@OswegoBrewing.com or contact us via FaceBook.

See you back here soon!

- Oswego Brewing Co.