+ Do You Have/Serve Food?

We do not have a kitchen but we have pre-packaged snack food for sale behind the bar. You are also free to bring in any outside food you wish. Carry it in, have it delivered, or book our Event Room and have it catered; it is all good!

There is enough delicious food in the surrounding area that you will not want for options. Check out UberEats, GrubHub, DoorDash, or any of the other similar services; they all deliver to our location!

+ Do you give donations to Charities & Fundraiders?

Oswego Brewing Co. is proud to be a part of the community and from time-to-time, we do make efforts to help out local charities.

However, do have limits on what we donate and to whom. In particular, we have a strict policy against donating to any schools and school-related functions or groups. Since our only product is alcohol, we do not believe it to be ethical to associate our name with anything that advertises us to kids, no matter how worthy the cause.

If you do have something you would like us to consider, please drop an email to info@OswegoBrewing.com.

+ Do you have a Patio? / Can we go outside with our beers?

Not yet. We are working towards having something soon.

+ Are Pets Allowed in the Tap Room?

Unfortunately, no. It comes down to a safety issue for the pet. Due to the design of the Tap Room and where the brew house sits, it is not possible for us to secure the space from a runaway pet. We can easily stop a human from getting back there, but for pets, it is not so easy. If they get back there while we are brewing, they would get burned by hot water or caustic (acid). For the safety of the pets, we have to have that policy.

That said, once we get our patio open (year two/three) we hope to get health department clearance for that space to be pet friendly.

+ Can we take beer home with us?

Absolutely! All (OK, nearly all) our beers can be filled into a growler (64oz. glass container) or crowler (32oz. aluminum can) for you to take home.

The Growler is good for 48hrs while sealed, 24hrs after it is opened. The Crowler is good for about 2 weeks (sealed) before it starts to lose quality. ...this assumes you can wait two weeks before opening the can!

+ Can we use our own growlers?

Yes. Maybe. Sorta.

OK, here is the deal. If you bring in a growler from another brewery, one that has the government warning on it, then yes, we can fill it. BUT it MUST be CLEAN. We will inspect it and give it a rinse in our sanitizer and if we find it to be nasty, we reserve the right to reject it. We want to ensure you have the best experience with our beer and a moldy, dirty, unclean growler will not give you a good experience.

What we cannot fill are those stainless steel, wide-mouth, and/or pressurized growlers. Believe us, we think they are really cool, we own a few of them ourselves, and we use them for our homebrew all the time. ...but to fill them up with commercial beer, they have to have that government label printed on the container. Without it, our hands are tied. Sorry.

+ What goes into your beer?

We use four primary ingredients: Barley, Water, Hops, & Yeast. Depending on the beer style, we might add other grains like oats or wheat, possibly some adjuncts like sweet or bitter orange peel, coriander, and in styles like Gose, a little salt.

We do not add artificial preservatives, so our beer is best when enjoyed fresh.

+ Are Kids Allowed in the Tap Room?

Yes. While generally not advised on a Friday or Saturday night, you are welcome to bring your Family in when you stop by for a visit. We have games, popcorn, & soda for sale behind the bar if you forgot to bring snacks & a juicebox for them.

Just two rules to remember:

  • They are welcome to sit at the tables but cannot sit at the bar;
  • They (obviously) cannot have a beer.

+ Do you offer tours?

We do not have official tours (yet), but if things are slow, we will be happy to walk you through the brewery and show you around.

+ Can we hold a meeting / party there?

Absolutely! We have an Event Room that holds 32 people as a private event. We can go over that limit, but the room would be open to the tap room. If you want to book the entire Tap Room, we have a capacity of 115.

Drop an email to reservations@OswegoBrewing.com and we can talk about the details.

+ What Forms of Payment do you Accept?

We take both cash and credit.

+ What do you have on tap? Can I find it outside the tap room?

You can find our beer by looking here. We started distribution, and if you would like to add our beers to your taps, please contact sales@OswegoBrewing.com for further details.

+ Is the music in your tap room licensed? You know you have to pay for that, right?

For any members of the music licensing industry reading this, our pre-recorded music is supplied via a paid subscription to MOOD: Pandora for Business. Our live music is licensed through BMI.

+ Do you think anybody is reading your FAQ?

We hope so, we put some good info in here. At minimum, we know that you read it! *grin*